SFIA Support

SFIA – the Skills Framework for the Information Age

Do you need SFIA Support? You probably do if you are not sure that…

  • You have defined your role descriptions based on what people must be able to do
  • Your team members have a clear understanding of their career path and training needs.
  • You have objective criteria in place to reward and promote your people
  • HR or you have the complete list of the skills and abilities of your team members
  • You can describe clearly what are the requirements before you hire a new staff member.

If you have doubts about any of these, you need to learn to use and implement SFIA. And you probably need support in doing so.

SFIA Structure
The Skills Framework for the Information Age

The SFIA Structure

The SFIA lists over 100 skill covering every aspect of the information business. Each skill is structured into up to 7 levels, from beginner to strategic management. By assigning the right combination of skill levels to appropriate roles and team members, you can structure your organisation in a rational and productive manner.

But, this is a challenge in itself and you may need professional SFIA support…

The challenge is defining the roles and jobs and assigning that “right combination” to each one, and then to find what are the correct skills for team members.

SFIA Support

My role is to support, guide and help you navigate the SFIA structure so that you can assign the right skill levels without having to read through the whole list for each one. Understanding the right level to assign to an individual or role is critical and requires a good understanding of the content.

Through discussions and interviews, I determine the appropriate skills for a job. Then, I compare the proposed skill level with those above and below to ensure that it is correctly assigned. The SFIA support report will help determine the right mix of skills and abilities.

The resulting structure will allow team members to determine their career path to evolve to higher levels and new roles. It will also allow them and the HR team to define the required training and support needed.

More details on the consulting principles and practices used when offering SFIA support can be found on my Consulting page.


The SFIA is a product of the SFIA Foundation.