Preparing an Audit

Sometimes you need long-term, independent professional help to implement the changes needed – particularly if you are planning an audit…

You want to be audited to prove to your clients the quality of your products and services. You need to make sure your processes are most efficient. Are you prepared?

Auditors can focus on compliance to their theory, that does not necessarily satisfy your clients, your needs, your team members.

I can work with you to make sure you are not trapped by the terminology of the standard, but can focus on its intention. I can support your effort to make the standard or model work for you. I can also help you understand enough to make sure you can answer the auditor. If necessary, I can work with the auditor to demonstrate how your solution works in relation to the standard.

I can help you with standards as varied as CMMI, ISO27001, ISO9001, SFIA and many others.

Remember: you are supposed to please your clients, not your auditors!