Do you need a CMMI Consultant? Are you looking for support and guidance in an intelligent application of the CMMI? Can your Software Engineering activities benefit from CMMI? Do you understand the CMMI Process Areas?

CMMI Consulting aims at saving you time and money to achieve quality and compliance.

CMMI Consulting

I have over twenty years’ experience with both CMM and CMMI Consulting, helping businesses around the world use it effectively.

Some CMMI consultants may sell you tick-the-box compliance. And some may sell you out-of-the-box processes that may have worked in a different business. However, you will soon find that these are more cost than value.

I focus primarily on helping you with continuous quality improvement through process improvement.

As a lead appraiser, an elected representative on the CMMI partner advisory board, and a visiting scientist with the SEI, I was at the heart of its development. And, as such, I have an in-depth understanding of the meaning behind the words.

Though I no longer maintain the certification requirements to conduct formal appraisals, I continue to actively help in its proper use as a CMMI Consultant.

You want to gain full benefits of the model, to improve quality and efficiency, or plan a formal appraisal, you need a CMMI Consultant.

Do not underestimate the time and effort to do the right thing and then prove you are doing it. Efficient CMMI Consultancy can help by ensuring a correct and useful implementation. And I will help you do the right thing with less effort. By taking the time needed to learn about your business, culture and goals, I concentrate on what is important for you.


The SEI originally developed the CMM. It was designed to measure the reliability of potential suppliers through process analysis; it was written for software engineering practices. But, over time, the SEI expanded the model to include other engineering and development practices, service delivery and outsourcing. And the CMM became the CMMI.

The CMMI places work practices (or “process areas”) in 5 hierarchical “maturity” levels. This way, it builds and refines complex processes on the elementary or basic ones. Thereby, organisations can progress through the 5 levels and demonstrate maturity, or awareness, of their capabilities. With this structure, the CMMI evolved into a guide for continuous quality improvement and no longer just a measurement tool. And, with CMMI Consulting, we were able to provide long term efficiency improvements and savings.

The CMMI Institute, a subsidiary of ISACA, currently commercializes the model. Recently, it evolved the model into a more focused audit (SCAMPI) and certification model, leading to being more a marketing logo rather than a continuous quality improvement tool.

I will make sure that you get the full benefits of effective CMMI Consultancy.

CMMI Maturity Levels
The 5 CMMI Maturity Levels

Terminology and Abbreviations

  • CMM: Capability Maturity Model (for software engineering)
  • CMMI: Capability Maturity Model Integration – for Development, Service delivery, and Acquisitions
  • SEI: Software Engineering Institute, a subsidiary of the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
  • SCAMPI: Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement