Short-Term Help for Long-Term Improvements

I provide short-term independent professional help to implement long-term improvements, including preparing for an audit.

Assistance in improving business efficiency

This includes:

Short-Term Help

I will not try to sell you a standard solution but will build one with you to improve your business effectiveness.

My job as a consultant is to advise and guide, but not to do the work for you. You and your teams need to implement. Because, if you rely on a contractor to develop your improvements, you will not have the commitment needed to sustain them. The consultant should be a short-term help, but the improvements must be long-term benefits.

Preparing for an Audit

You should never try to satisfy an auditor at the expense of your efficiency.  That is a short-term vision that will not bear fruit. Instead, you need to focus on ensuring that you do the right thing for your business, your staff and your clients. You need to focus on long-term improvements. Then, you can demonstrate this to an auditor. That is why I will make sure your team members understand and buy into the business strategy. Once they understand the goal and importance of their work, then they can recommend improvements and gains in efficiency.

Long-Term Improvements

The consultant should identify the approach, the communication, the most appropriate standards and models, the best techniques, and help motivate your teams.

With extensive, international experience, I can help you structure the most appropriate approach. An approach that includes appropriate actions, tools, standards and models selected to satisfy you, your clients and your staff.

And, if necessary, I can deal with your auditor as well.

Together, we identify a way forward in order to overcome the daily obstacles and ensure that your objectives and goals are truly achievable.

Some Standards

I will bring my experience with SFIA, CMMI, PMI, ISO (9001, 27001, 15504, 12207), PRiNCE2, Kaizen, Agile, Lean, Six-Sigma and others.