Sometimes, you just need some support, some help in getting things done. Maybe you need a little more advice on how to increase productivity or profitability; perhaps it’s a question of compliance to GDPR or other standards; maybe you need to prepare for an audit. My consulting work involves taking time to understand your problems, through a series of interviews with key people (that includes management, but also the people doing the work) in order to understand

  • what are the goals, the objectives, the purpose of the organisation,
  • what are the blockages, the issues, the problems that staff might not want to tell management
  • review of documentation and evidence as necessary
  • separating the personal issues from the fundamental institutionalised ones
  • separating the causes from the effects

There is probably not a single silver-bullet solution to your problem, but, together, we can define the solution that is best suited to your needs. I use a combination of solutions from SFIA, CMMI, PMI, ISO (9001, 27001, 15504, 12207), PRiNCE2, Kaizen, Agile and Lean, Six-Sigma and others to identify what would be the most appropriate action to satisfy you, your clients and your staff.

Together, we can identify a way forward in order to overcome the daily obstacles and ensure that your objectives and goals are truly achievable.