Some comments about previous jobs:

Nick Barrett (Arval, UK):

I have worked with Peter on a number of CMMI assessments, and have found him to be knowledgeable, thorough, and challenging but fair.

Michael Burton (CSC, UK):

For info, Peter’s presentation at PIForum last week was the most compelling I have seen for a long time! Congratulations Mr Leeson!

Frédéric Deconinck (Thales, France):

J’ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec Peter sur un projet d’amélioration de la qualité qui s’appuyait sur CMMI. Son approche pragmatique de la qualité et son sens de l’organisation ont apporté un grand soutien à ce projet. Sa compréhension des contraintes de l’entreprise et ses qualités relationnelles ont rapidement fait de Peter un interlocuteur privilégié. Je ferai appel de nouveau à ses services si l’occasion se représente tellement cette expérience fut enrichissante.

[I had the opportunity of working with Peter on a CMMI-based quality improvement programme. His pragmatic approach to quality and his sense of organization brought great support to the project. His understanding of the business constraints and his people qualities rapidly made Peter a preferred contact person. I will call on him again if I get the opportunity as this experience was so enriching.]

Jay Douglass (Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA):

Peter has an inordinate skill in telling the truth.

Olivier Dupont (ING, Belgium):

Je suis arrivé à ton cours avec une appréhension tant vis à vis de la matière que de ma capacité à l’appréhender. Ton professionnalisme et ton expérience mon rapidement permis de dépasser cela.  Dès vendredi matin (premier meeting) j’ai pu expérimenter les aspects pratiques du cours que je venais de suivre. Ce qui m’a permis de prendre conscience de la qualité et du bon sens intrinsèque de CMMI. Ma confiance en ING qui a choisi ce modèle en ressort fortement grandie. Merci pour ce partage efficace de tes connaissances et de tes expériences.

Paul Hookham (Exceedus, UK)

Peter is a certified appraiser and instructor across multiple CMMI models. During his time at Q-Labs, he was the one consultant that was ‘in demand’. Peter is very professional, knowledgeable and ethical in all his assignments. His pragmatic approach to improvement means he understands it’s the people that matter and not just the process and that’s what I believe sets him apart from many of his peers. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again and strongly recommend him to prospective customers.

Laurent Janssens (self-employed, Belgium)

Peter is my real mentor: through his very professional and gentle approach, he taught me what management Consultant really means. I had also the opportunity to cooperate with him (paper writing, ISACA events, etc). these were all great experiences, thanks to his input, support and involvement. I should be very delighted to renew such experience with Peter.

Tim Kasse (Kasse Initiatives LLC)

Peter Leeson is an enigma when it comes to trying to classify him. Peter is highly intelligent, hard-working, dedicated, loyal, and international. He is an excellent communicator both in writing and speaking. He has the ability to train, mentor and coach all levels of management and practitioners. He is serious when the situation calls for it. He is also extremely witty and easily adds humour to any situation he is involved in.  He has even worked as a cartoonist in a past life.

Peter has significant experience throughout Europe in process improvement and quality management. He is passionate about what he does and that enhanced our working together for nearly a decade. He is fact based and will not get into emotional arguments about models or standards or processes or business goals or requirements. He will, however hold his own in any discussion based on facts he has researched and written down.

Peter uses models, standards, processes and other tools like CMMI, SPICE (ISO 15504), relevant ISO standards as well as approaches such as Six Sigma, Lean, DMAIC, Causal Analysis, and 5 Whys  to help facilitate the design and architecture of products, services, and projects to fit the needs of business and customer requirements.  He is not a model bigot.

Peter has accumulated vast experience with major multinational companies as well as local projects in the telecom, financial (insurance and banking), software, IT, consulting, medical, automotive, electronics industries and others.

Personal Spotlight on Peter Leeson – I consider Peter Leeson a personal as well as professional friend. He worked for me when I was the CEO of the Institute for Software Process Improvement starting in 1991. There was one month that Peter earned 80% of the entire  company’s average income, when the company employed 20 full-time and independent contracted consultants. He never said anything to call attention to what he had accomplished. I had to order Peter to take a few days off and just be with his family.

I will always think highly of Peter Leeson. I would hire him, I would work with him and I would work for him.

I hope that this brief recommendation letter makes it clear the immense benefits a company would receive if they had Peter Leeson supporting them.

Ionel Mihali (Endava, Romania)

I have worked with Mr. Leeson for a few years, on and off, on a few fixed term projects.
For me, he was a trainer, a teacher, a model, an inspiration. I had the pleasure to learn from him a lot about: delivering Quality, Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, CMMi and last but not least how to be a real professional. Working with him as part of his CMMi SCAMPI team was always very interesting, exciting and fun.
Mr Leeson is one of those professionals who had a great positive impact in my career and in the company where I was working; I am gladly looking forward to work with him in the future.

Sinead O’Shaughnessy (VP BrightWork, Boston)

I had the opportunity to work with Peter during his time at ISPI and I highly endorse his work. Peter is a talented professional who works tirelessly to understand what his clients need and executes to perfection. He is an engaging presenter with a super sense of humour. I would work with Peter again in a heartbeat!

Jean-Louise Plénard (SII, France):

J’ai eu l’occasion d’utiliser les services de Mr. Peter Leeson, et d’apprécier ses capacités d’analyse et de synthèse pour appréhender les organisations, ainsi que ses qualités relationnelles, pédagogiques et de présentation, ainsi que son grand professionnalisme. Si vous attendez des conseils éclairés par ses connaissances, par son expérience, et par son intelligence des situations, nul doute qu’il vous donnera toute satisfaction comme il l’a fait pour moi.

Shren Reddy (BAE Systems, UK):

Peter Leeson is a very engaging, professional and thought-provoking workshop facilitator and assessor. He has successfully supported numerous activities in our organisation which required him to deal with participants at various levels of responsibility including our most senior leaders. Peter has the personality and experience to approach and deliver often uncomfortable and challenging subject matter in a non-threatening but focussed manner. Peter is an asset to any workshop activity.

Joe Rowe (White Clarke Group):

Attributes I think you’ve got that suit “things you do well”: Creative, Organised, Sociable, Diplomatic and pragmatic, Trustworthy, Respectful, Honest, Open, Reliable, Positive. Something I think you do particularly well is when you explain things / give presentations. Your quality presentation (…) was really good.

Pat Webb (Project Management Consultant):

Really good team player, helpful efficient and supportive.

Extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced in his world of quality governance and control. I have enjoyed working with you and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Hou Yawen (Worthy Technologies, Shanghai):

Mr. Leeson 是我们WTI难能可贵的技术合作伙伴,他为我们的客户提供了专业,有价值的咨询评估服务。

Betty Zhang (SAP, Canada):

The moments we spent with Peter Leeson are the moments we start understanding about ourselves and get worried… Years after, we hope it is not too late to know that those are also the moments we start gaining competence.