I am a logical, versatile and motivational Consultant with verifiable expertise in utilising analytical modelling, business process engineering and data analysis to successfully identify and address core problems with quality standards and processes. Experienced working in close collaboration with company executives for major global financial institutions and communications organisations; readily able to deliver advice, recommendations, training and mentoring to improve management processes at a project or corporate level.

I can offer one-on-one support, training, consulting or long-term contracting, whatever suits your needs. By maintaining my independence, I have the possibility of using and referencing a number of standards, models and practices without the financial pressure to sell a specific solution or approach.

More about my principles can be found on the Context page.

If you want to contact me please email info@pleeson.co.uk or go to the contact page, but please make sure you read the Confidentiality and Privacy page before you share your personal information.

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