Organizational Therapy, Culture Management, Quality Management, Continuous Improvement

Organizational therapy is an inclusive approach to understand how well you align your culture management to your business vision and goals and helps continuous improvement of quality and costs.

Culture Change

Your Organizational Culture directly impacts the Quality and Cost of your products and services. But few organizations manage their culture.

Through Organizational Therapy, I can understand the deep-rooted problems and challenges of your organization’s culture. And, once I have identified these, I can recommend an approach, and you can manage and correct them.

But, to manage the culture does not mean you must change the culture. You can make noticeable gains by some easy steps:

  • Clear and consistent communication between management and staff,
  • Well defined organizational structures,
  • Roles, responsibilities and authority aligned to personal skills,
  • Realistic and shared objectives and priorities.

Tailor Made Solutions

I will help you identify and remove any cultural gaps between the executive vision and the day-to-day activities of the team members. Then, I will help you make sure your teams understand and support the business vision and strategy. And, when the team members understand the vision, strategy, approach, needs and goals, they can actively improve methodologies, processes and procedures used.

Let your own team make the whole organization more efficient.

The Problem with Theories

Consultants may offer compliance with ready-made standards and models. That model may have been successful in the past, somewhere else. It may have worked for a different business, in a different domain, with a different culture and different technologies.

But that does not mean it will work for you — and it may cost you a lot of time and money before you understand that. Many have been audited and certified, but seen no real business value.

Books about the theories never mention the many businesses that tried, invested and failed.

Corporate Therapy

In my approach, I listen, analyse, understand, and deliver a solution to your issues and objectives.

I listen to senior management’s vision. Then, I listen to the desires and frustrations of the team members and look for the discrepancies and identify the differences between organisational culture and business strategy.

Then, we (together) focus on establishing what will provide you, in your unique situation, the most effective results.

Every model, standard and theory has its value, but all have weaknesses. The secret to success is to understand which bits best fit your circumstances.

Short-term interventions, but long-term solutions.

I am Peter Leeson, aiming to support, assist and provide real value to you.

And more about my principles can be found on the Concept page.

If you want to contact me please email info@pleeson.co.uk or go to the contact page, but please make sure you read the Confidentiality and Privacy page before you share your personal information.

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